The easy trap door trim system

How to make a trap door is pretty easy.  How to make one nice is a little harder.

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Trimming trap doors just got easier and nicer! Our NEW trap door corner trim pieces make your crawl space door appealing to the eye and safe on the toes.  We have designed the perfect way to trim a trap door with minimal work.


 Trimming crawlspace lids or trap doors is a really difficult task without our corner trim pieces.  Mitering the aluminum is almost impossible to get right, and when or if you do the trim will bend at the end and it gets ugly. 

Our trap door kits work on  vinyl, hardwood, laminate, or glued down carpet.



It takes a lot of  time  to miter the aluminum trim, only to have it look terrible.



Mitering the trim  often results in sharp edges and a gap often comes later when the trim is stressed from use.



If you are like most flooring installers we know, you want your finished work to look perfect to you and to the home owner, and you'd like it to stay that way.


If you are like most home owners we know, you want your house to be visually appealing, safe and you'd like it to stay that way.


Jonny Corners is a Win-Win solution! Everyone is a winner!


Welcome our pre-finished trap door corners. The process of mitering aluminum can take over 45 minutes and it may or may not look nice when finished. With time it will bend and become unsightly… ARRGGHH!!  How does 20 minutes sound, measure your trim short by about 1 inch each piece, nail the trim, screw the corners on, and you're done. The finished trap door will be stronger on the corners, no sharp edges, and will look very appealing to the eye of all who see it!

These corner pieces are an original product that cannot be found anywhere but here at Jonny Corners, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our product 100%! 



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Jonny Corners ~ Making Trap Doors Easy!

Jonny Corners ~ Making Trap Doors Easy!

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