The Business of Trimming a Trap Door

Jonny Corners is a family owned and operated company located in the heart of North Western Montana. Established in 2013.

We are a company of humble beginnings. From an idea of a better trap door trim in the mind of a small town flooring installer; to the filing of patents; to getting just the right people to help create the dies and presses; to the production; and then last, but not least, delivered to the customer… That’s YOU!

Jon Hoskinson is that small town flooring installer who wanted to make his job just a little better. He embarked on an opportunity to make his life and the life of other Flooring Installers just a little less hectic. To make Home Owners smile just a little bit bigger. To offer a solution to trimming a trap door, a little problem that can drive a person crazy.

Jon is currently a Flooring Installer and Independent Contractor of 15 years. He has installed for companies like Home Depot and a few small-town stores in the Polson, Montana area. With the help of Lou Anne Hoskinson, Jonny Corners’ Trap Door Trim System is being brought to you. We are the one and only, we are Jonny Corners!