New Website Design

Jonny Corners is getting an update to the site design. I've been working on it for several days. Like most things in my life, when I get into something I like doing, I forget to sleep and eat regular. You'd think I would know by now (I am an old…

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Trap Door Trim Review by Mark Brown

So, this is long overdue and for that I am sorry, however, what I am not sorry about is getting my hands on a trim kit from Jonny Corners. The last hatch I did for a client with mitered corners was for a grouted LVP product in March of last year. It was a sunny Saturday that I would much rather have spent golfing or failing that, spending time with my wife and children. Two and a half hours of that long forgotten Saturday were spent cutting and filing and drilling and gluing mitered metal for a crawl space hatch and boy did it look good. That is, until I touched it and it all went wrong. I swore off mitered corners that very day… (more…)

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