Laminate is the most difficult of all products to trim nicely.  First make sure the laminate on the door is flush with the side of the door so that the flange will attach properly.  Second the door should be glued down with a “liquid nail” type glue especially on the edges and weighted until the glue sets up. Trim the door with the T-metal using the supplied nails and use a small amount of the same glue on the flange of the T.  Finally align the corners on top and mark the holes to predrill with a 1/16 bit to finish setting the corners over top of the T metal.


Some hardwoods are very hard and will require pre-drilling for attaching the corners on top over the T-metal as the screws are likely to break. Use a 1/16″ drill bit.


Floating floors are floors that are not to be glued or nailed most of the time, however on the trap door it is acceptable to do so given it is a very small area.  We recommend gluing floating products to small doors. A quality pressure sensitive glue for vinyl is best if it is 1/8″ or less. Keep in mind that the surface must be smooth and clean to do so or it will telescope imperfections from the subfloor.



Our T-metal is one inch wide with a 5/8″ flange NOW with a longer 1″ Flange for even EASIER installation.  Flooring products should be cut as close as possible to the edges of the door without overhanging on the door side and follow manufactures recommendations for the floor side of the door which is normally 1/4″.


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