13-13-13 GIVEAWAY

We are excited to be part of the celebration!! The Floor Pro  is celebrating their 13 year anniversary. We are very proud to be part of the floor pro community and to show our appreciation we are giving away 3 kits one in each size and your choice of six…

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New Website Design

Jonny Corners is getting an update to the site design. I've been working on it for several days. Like most things in my life, when I get into something I like doing, I forget to sleep and eat regular. You'd think I would know by now (I am an old…

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Trap Door Trim Review by Mark Brown

So, this is long overdue and for that I am sorry, however, what I am not sorry about is getting my hands on a trim kit from Jonny Corners. The last hatch I did for a client with mitered corners was for a grouted LVP product in March of last year. It was a sunny Saturday that I would much rather have spent golfing or failing that, spending time with my wife and children. Two and a half hours of that long forgotten Saturday were spent cutting and filing and drilling and gluing mitered metal for a crawl space hatch and boy did it look good. That is, until I touched it and it all went wrong. I swore off mitered corners that very day… (more…)

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New Colors for Jonny Corners?

People have been asking about new colors.  We can do black and gold and some colonial colors. With Powdercoat the options are limitless as long as the T metal is offered in a color, we can duplicate that color on the corners to match. Let us know what you would…

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