This Is What Satisfied Users of Our Trap Door Trims Have To Say


Laurie Niemi saysI just placed my order for my 4th Jonny Corners set! These have been a God Send as we remodeled a Cafe we purchased last year and will soon be ordering for our home as we are replacing our flooring this fall.

We promote your product to all of our property management friends whenever they are replacing their flooring or making improvements and are in need of trap doors. LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!!!

Laurie Niemi

Mark BrownNo more sharp, uneven pokey and doomed to fail hatch trim! Now we have a better way and as far as I am concerned, only one way to do a hatch. Thanks Jonny Corners. Think of all the rounds of golf I can play thanks to this ingenious idea! Read my full review here.

Mark Brown

Steve saysI think your product is great and I can now see that it really helps solve a problem, which is the sign of a great product.

Steve Gundlach

Daniel SalingerI really enjoyed working with you, and I do hope that your business continues to grow. You have a great product, and I will spread the word.

Daniel Salinger, Carpet Express

Laurie & Jon saysThis is a great product – easily installed, problem solved! Now we can go fishing.

Laurie Kaiser & Jon Davis

Kyle Nelson5 stars! I love Jonny Corners! The system just plain works better than anything out there. Oh yeah, that’s because there is nothing else out there like it for the installer. It saves time and looks more professional than the often troublesome mitered corners. It saves me at least 30 minutes on a trap-door installation. For homeowners it solves the problem of bent and sharp corners. I Can’t say enough good things about these corners, and at that price you should buy a couple sets just to have around on hand.

Kyle Nelson

Home Floor Covering, Polson, MTAs a flooring retailer here in Polson, MT, we really like Jonny Corners. Not only does it dress up that trap door it also eliminates sharp edges. Great idea!

Home Floor Covering

Eric saysI’m an IT guy, far from handyman level. I hired a contractor to go from carpet to vinyl plank flooring. I had concerns about the trap door which were later validated – the flooring specialist tried rubber and mitered trim but the solutions weren’t stable and one of them even rendered the trap door inoperable. After he botched the job three times and asked for more money, I sent him packing. I found Jonny Corners online, ordered a kit, and installed myself. My crawl space trap door looks professional and it was easy to do. Thanks!

Eric F.

Bud ClineI can easily see where this product is genius in its application and design. I like it!

Bud Cline, Ceramic & Stone Professional

Chris saysI just wanted to say what an excellent product you have. I have been struggling for years (18 years) to figure a solution for trap doors with the current transitions that are available for flooring. I’m glad I googled it to find Jonny Corners. I just trimmed out my first door with your product and found the installation easy and the appearance appealing as well. Thank you Jonny Corners!!

Chris Gibson

Harris saysI was redoing a small walk-in coat closet with a sheet vinyl floor and it had a small trap door with metal edging that was mitered and ugly looking and difficult to handle. Well, after installing the cedar walls and new shelving, my wife suggested that it might be time to redo the flooring. So we eventually decided on engineered vinyl planks and then I had to figure out how to handle that ugly trap door. I googled it and up came JonnyCorners! I had searched the big box stores and they had nothing that didn’t have mitered corners. So, I ordered a kit from Jonny and I think the job came out great and everyone agrees!

Now for my review:

  1. The flange on the metal T bar is too short. For floors with engineered products and using any underlayment, there is just not enough metal to grab on the door.
  2. The screws for the corners should be longer or least the purchaser should have the option for longer screws. I know you said you have test the screw but overtime their is a good chance of them loosening up.

Thank you Jonny, nicely done!

Harris Rimshnick, Homowner