Trap Door Trim Review by Mark Brown

So, this is long overdue and for that I am sorry, however, what I am not sorry about is getting my hands on a trim kit from Jonny Corners. The last hatch I did for a client with mitered corners was for a grouted LVP product in March of last year. It was a sunny Saturday that I would much rather have spent golfing or failing that, spending time with my wife and children. Two and a half hours of that long forgotten Saturday were spent cutting and filing and drilling and gluing mitered metal for a crawl space hatch and boy did it look good. That is, until I touched it and it all went wrong. I swore off mitered corners that very day…

Fastforward to December of that same fateful year and up pops another crawl space hatch. GREAT! Now to be fair, I do much less golfing in December than in March, but hey, 2 hours of my time is 2 hours of my time and if I can help it I would much rather not waste it doing something so menial. Well, thanks to the good graces of my American brother of hatch metal fury, I received this in the mail.

Mark Brown Review

Jonny Corners to the rescue! This kit made my day. Complete with screws for the corners, nails for the trim and those oh-so-precious trimmed out corners. Now, the beauty here is there is about 3/4″ of play with the coverage on those corner moldings so, no metal file and rasp trying to get that picture perfect inside corner. Just get it close and cover her up. Now we are talking my language.

Mark Brown Review

So, that took about 5 minutes… WHAT, 5 minutes? …but that means you will be done in 15 minutes. And I was. This is the best thing I have ever touched, actually it’s a toss up between these corners and my turbo master groover, but hey, if you’re in that league you are really high on my list of things I love. Two of the pre-sized pieces fit my hatch like a glove and the other 2 I cut on my metal saw in no time at all. Hammered the supplied nails in the pre-drilled holes on the metals (which I might add, I was given many extra nails, THANK YOU), after running a big heavy bead of silicone on the inside for added strength. Drilled some pilot holes for the screws for the corners and it as all over faster than I could have cut my finger and cursed the man who invented hatches while working the old way.

Mark Brown Review

Mark Brown Review

So, in summary, with 4 basic tools (hammer, screwdriver, silicone gun and a saw), I did my first Jonny Corner trim kit in under 15 minutes and boy oh boy was I happy. Now for the real test: does my client like it? This particular project was for a custom home builder in my area… you know, the picky kind. Well, let me tell you he was over the moon. No more sharp, uneven pokey and doomed to fail hatch trim! Now we have a better way and as far as I am concerned, only one way to do a hatch. Thanks Jonny Corners. Think of all the rounds of golf I can play thanks to this ingenious idea!

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