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Making a trap door is quite easy. Making a professional looking one is a little harder! The Jonny Corners system simplifies the trimming of trap doors and gives a professional look with minimal installation time! Our NEW trap door corner trim pieces make your crawl space door appealing to the eye and eliminates sharp corners. It is also available in three different colors: Silver, Pewter, or Bronze. Watch the videos below to see the perfect way to quickly trim a trap door.

Our trap door kits work on vinyl, hardwood, laminate, or glued down carpet. Our kits also work on some boat hatches.

These Trap-door Corner Trim pieces are an original product that cannot be found anywhere but here at Jonny Corners. We guarantee our product with a full refund if you are not completely satisfied!

Why should you buy our product?

  • Molded pieces add strength to the corners.
  • Give the trap door a professional, finished look.
  • Eliminate sharp points on the corners for safety.
  • Save a half-hour per install time compared to mitering.
  • Available in three different colors of metal: Silver, Pewter and Bronze.

Perhaps you are looking for a Vinyl Floor Trimming Tool?
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To make your vinyl floor installation easier, we also offer the Vinyl Edger Tool. This NEW handy tool will allow you to create clean, straight cuts with minimal effort, making vinyl fit flush along the wall. It is a must for the vinyl installer and will eliminate those “rookie” mistakes of the do-it-yourselfer! See the Vinyl Edger Tool product page for an interesting video demonstration and more information.

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